An LED sign you control to tell your coworkers when you're busy.

Close a metaphorical door

Open workspaces are on the rise. They are cost effective and encourage collaboration. But in-office efficiency faces death by 1000 cuts: little daily interruptions from co-workers.

With a Wired In sign you can keep interruptions at bay.

Signal Availability

You can't always be busy. You work on a team and people need to know the best time to interact with you.

Wired In signs allow you to show any color to tell your team it's a good time to chat.

Customize to your team

Our signs are completely customizable. Not only can you change the color of the light you can replace the acrylic message.

Come up with your own custom text or even upload a vector image to be etched into the sign.


Get in touch. We are atlways looking for awesome people to work with. Let's make something cool.


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