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Digital Do Not Disturb Sign

Improve your workplace experience and protect your team from work distractions

  • Beautiful Powder-coated Aluminum

    The bases are made of a high quality aluminum mold, sand blasted, and powder coated to a gorgeous silver, or sleek matte black.

  • Million Color LEDs

    Using Wired In desktop app you can easily control the sign to any color you want with the flick of a keystroke.

  • Base Mounting Keyholes

    The sign looks beautiful on a desk, but it can also be mounted upside down or sideways on a wall and the acrylic will securely hold.

  • Completely Swap-able Acrylic

    The acrylic is securely held in place, and can easily be swapped with another.

  • Fully Customized Engraving

    You can fully customize the design of your sign with custom text, or a custom image.


How It Works

You use a simple desktop application to change the color of your sign to match your status. The color creates a meaningful signal to those around you to help you stay completely focused on your work.

Buy A Sign

You can purchase a single sign or standalone acrylic.
Or you can buy a full set of signs for your entire team.

USB Desktop Sign


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